October 26th, 2017

Where was Sif in Thor: Ragnarok ?

SPOILERS: Do not read on unless you’ve already seen Thor: Ragnarok (or you’re not going to watch it anyway). You’ve been warned..BY NOW you’ve laughed your way through Thor: Ragnarok, expressing full appreciation for Chris Hemsworth’s muscles, or Mark Ruffalo’s soulful eyes, or director Taika Waititi’s wicked sense of humour.

You probably have some questions. This will answer one: Where the hell is Sif ?

The female warrior played by Jaimie Alexander in the first two Thor films was conspicuously missing from the fray. There was a whole lot of will-she-won’t-she conjecture and suggestive tweets from Jaimie in the months leading up to Thor: Ragnarok’s release. Executive producer and Marvel Studios vice-president of production and development told news.com.au that it was a scheduling issue that prevented Sif’s return.“We wanted to bring Jaimie into the film,” he said. “But movies are chaos. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. “Sadly we couldn’t make the schedule work. She’s on a hit television show [Blindspot] and doing quite well and we were shooting in Australia, so it never came together.”

In the film, Thor’s fighting buddies, the Warriors Three — Fandral (Zachary Levi), Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) and Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) — meet their grisly ends at the hands of Hela (Cate Blanchett) but not Sif, whose absence isn’t even mentioned. She was last seen on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a season one episode of Agents of Shield, which took place in the timeline after Thor: The Dark World. Her character was seen on her way back home so it’s unclear what kept her away from the Asgardian apocalypse. But it’s probably a good thing she wasn’t there.“Luckily, if you see the fate of most Asgardians in this film, it’s at least the silver lining she’s around somewhere to fight another day,” Winderbaum added.

source : news.com.au

October 23rd, 2017

10th Annual Action Icon Awards

Hello everyone, on October 22th, As expected, Jaimie attended the 10th Annual Action Icon Awards held at Sheraton Universal. The beautiful young woman was the guest of honor as she received the Action Icon Awards for her career and she was accompanied with her stunt double in Blindspot, Heidi Schnappauf and the actress Ming-Na (her former co-star in the Marvel series: Agents of SHIELD) who also received an award. Jaimie was superb in her David Koma dress !! + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

October 21st, 2017

Blindspot – Season 3 ‘Behind The Scenes’ with the cast

As I recently revealed, Rich DotCom has been working at the FBI during the 18 month time jump, but you may be shocked to know he also had a side gig with a surprising member of the team — one that may come back to haunt them.

October 9th, 2017

All the latest Blindspot’s info from NY Comic Con

Hello everyone, on October 8th, The cast of Blindspot (in full with Jaimie, Sullivan, Ashley, Audrey, Rob, Luke and screenwriter Martin Gero) was present as planned at the New York Comic Con to participate in various interviews and fan panel where they answered to many questions about Season 3. First great great news, Ennis Esmer alias Rich [dot] Com will be back in season 3 and for a recurring role as he will help Patterson to the FBI ! All the information said during the panel will be below, they spoil a lot so do not read if you want to keep the surprise. It’s nice to see all the casting together again, they really seem to have fun and this season 3 will be full of surprise I think. (Also see the interview with Jaimie and Sullivan, their interview starts at 5:30) + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

As the trailers tells us, Rich[Dot]Com will be back at the FBI and will be in at least 10 episodes of Season 3.
The episodes of the season will be shot in several countries such as Australia, Barcelona, ​​Italy and will be present on the 5 continents of the world.
During the two years (which will be seen in the form of flashback), Roman to collect enormously of secret !
Jane’s new tattoos will also refer to the elders, and so much work for Patterson.
Kurt’s daughter calls ‘Bethany’ in reference to Mayfair. In addition, we see in the first stills that Jane and Kurt move to Colorado to get closer to her.
Rob says Reade will get a big promotion at the FBI in Season 3.
Martin Gero specified that Patterson will have a sentimental break in this season 3 and Ashley to clarify that in another world, Rich would be the right person for Patterson.
During the panel, the Reade/Zapata relationship was discussed, but clearly the fans shouted ‘no’ when they spoke of couple !

October 5th, 2017

Blindspot episode – 301 ‘Back to the Grind’

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