October 28th, 2017

Build Series for Blindspot promotion

Hello everyone, on October 27th, Jaimie stepped out in a striped ensemble while attending a Question and Answer at the BUILD series studio in New York City. In addition to promoting Blindspot, she also answered other questions, including Thor: Ragnarok. Discover some passages below. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

“I was asked, but the timing of when they were going to shoot and when Blindspot was gonna shoot — it was pretty much the same time,” she told Yahoo on Friday. “So there was a conflict there.” Jaimie continued, “I was hoping for more of a notice from [the studio] so I could make it work, but it was a short notice thing. They called and said, ‘Hey, by the way, would you come do this?’ I said there is no way I can make that work that fast.” Still, Alexander says she “tried,” noting, “It couldn’t happen. They were on a different continent!” Thor: Ragnarok was filmed in Australia. “So it was sad,” she admitted. “I was bummed about it.” That doesn’t mean there are any hard feelings between the actress and the studio. “I’m really looking forward to seeing it,” she exclaimed. “It will be nice to see all those great people in that movie. I’m super excited for it. I also heard that it’s incredible funny which makes me really happy.”

Given the glowing reviews of the upcoming film, it’s possible a fourth could be a possibility and Alexander would love to reprise her warrior role. “Oh, sure,” she said. “I love Marvel. I’d be happy to do other projects with them at any time. They’re a great company — I love all the guys and girls over there — they always are able to get a really fun cast for almost every project they have, which is often. And, of course, who doesn’t want to be a superhero?”

Jaimie also revealed to BUILD that she is horrified of scary movies, which is ironic since Jaimie does her own stunts for shows and movies. The stunner joked that if someone took her to see a scary movie on a first date, she would ‘punch them so hard in the lower extremities’.

October 28th, 2017

Today Show with Sullivan Stapleton

Hello everyone, on October 27th, in full promotion of Blindspot (whose season 3 starts that evening), Jaimie joined her co-star Sullivan Stapleton to be interviewed on the Today Show! Find the pictures and screencaptures of the interview, we like to see Jaimie and Sully also an accomplice ! + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

October 28th, 2017

4 New promotionnal video of Blindspot

October 28th, 2017

Blindspot season 3 Premiere Party in New York

Hello everyone, on October 25th, The Blindspot team gathered for the premiere of Blindspot season 3 (first episode) which was held in a New York room in small committee with the press. Unfortunately, we do not have photosexcept those that have been published on social networks but we have a photo of the after party with Jaimie and her co-stars. Discover below! + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

October 26th, 2017

New promotional video & more spoiler about Blindspot

After closing the book on Sandstorm, NBC’s mystery thriller Blindspot has jumped ahead nearly two years, kicking off what executive producer Martin Gero calls a “soft reset” of the show.

An isolated and world-weary Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) finds her past catching up with her as her brother Roman (Luke Mitchell) aims to systematically tear apart her life in revenge. But where Jane’s first layer of tattoos provided clues to take down various criminals, her new bio-luminescent ink serves as a type of punishment. “Roman wants her back at the FBI,” Gero teases. “This year, we’ll slowly realize the tattoos are also pointing at the entire team and what they’ve been up to in the past two years.”

These new clues will also send the show international as production has filmed in Italy, Australia, and Barcelona so far. “We really are going to crisscross the globe and we’re going to show it off in a way that’s pretty extraordinary,” Gero adds. As long as one tattoo points the way to a Mai Tai, we’re in!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If the old tattoo cases led to Phase 2, what would you say the show is about now ?
MARTIN GERO: Well, the fun thing is, season 3 is a soft reset of the show. There’s a new set of tattoos and part of the fun of this season is uncovering what they’re pointing at and why Roman did this to her. I don’t think it’s any secret that Roman is behind these new sets of tattoos. Part of it is emotional. I think they’re punitive in a way, like he wants her back at the FBI. What I think is really exciting is, he’s going to show her through these tattoos, who the people are that she’s working with. So whereas, in the first season, the tattoos were personal for Kurt and Jane, this year, the tattoos we’ll slowly realize are also pointing at the entire team and what they’ve been up to in the past two years that have been away from the camera’s view and Jane’s. So that’s one aspect of it and then of course, there is some mythology stuff that it’s difficult to talk about at this point that he has an endgame for those tattoos as well.

To be clear, it’s not like this was always the plan, that Jane would have a second set of tattoos ?
This is a brand new thing. The major mythology that was started off in the pilot has been resolved and so this is a continuation from that.

But are there still memories that Jane doesn’t quite remember ?
Oh, yes. The biggest ones yet, I think.

How would you say these cases are different ?
It’s kind of a return to the storytelling we were doing in season 1, where there really is a major tattoo case every episode, whereas in season 2, it was maybe every other episode we did a tattoo case. The procedural engine of the show has been reinvigorated in a way that’s really exciting, but again, like I mentioned, what’s really fun is that, although there are cases about the outside world, we’re familiar with corruption and bad guys doing bad things that we try to stop; they veer dangerously close to the lives of all of our main characters and their own personal secrets.

Do you think Jane and Roman’s relationship can ever be repaired ?
I would like to hope so. What’s really neat is there’s a number of phone calls between them this year, because I think he is lonely. He’s doing it to turn the knife a little bit in her and reveling his plan and how they can’t figure it out, but also she says very early like, “I think you miss me,” and so the relationship between them is obviously extraordinarily complicated on a number of levels, but she’s still the closest person in the world to him.

How does Weller feel about what his wife has been doing for 18 months ?
It’s a real hard pill for him to swallow about a lot of it, but the reality is he’s got to trust her, you know? When she tells him what she was doing, they’re trying very hard to not keep secrets between each other and she is very, very honest with him at the beginning of the season and I think that’s a way for him to get comfortable with all of it.


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