September 24th, 2017

All the latest news on Blindspot

Hello everyone, At the approach of Blindspot Season 3, we have a lot of videos ‘leaks’ that sort out and many spoilers on this season. Discover however the first official NBC posters for this season 3 back on October 27 ! Posters where you can see the bright tattoo of Jane and Kurt, always there ! And just below the first look (poor quality) and all the little spoilers that have it. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

There will be a lot of flashback in the first episode and it’s in that we’ll know the story of Jane & Kurt.
Tori Anderson (new actress) has booked a recurring role on Blindspot. She will play Blake and will have a bond (friends or love) with Roman.
Kristina Reyes (new actress) has booked a recurring role on Blindspot. She will play Avery, a socialite with a complicated past who crosses paths with Weller.
Shepard would not be present in Season 3 (just maybe appearances), the story will really unfold around Roman.
Jane will meet many new characters who know her but she does not remember.
Jane will have a very big secret in this season.

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BLINDSPOT   •   on air Season 3 – Oct, 27th on NBC

An unidentified woman found naked and amnesiac in Times Square, who is kept in FBI protective custody as an investigation proceeds into her identity. Despite lacking conscious memories, Jane occasionally has flashbacks to her past life.

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